Don’t Shoot The Messenger


Send a video message that you know will hurt, but you also know they deserve to know the truth today!


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D: We know this will hurt, but we also know you deserve to know the truth.
S: You must understand our position here. We are just messengers. It’s the sender of this message who’s responsible for this, not us.
D: Yeah, the sender is a complete asshole. Not us. We’re cool.
S: The coolest guys ever. And we’d never ask two cool dudes like us to deliver such a horrible message.
D: Right. Because we are not pieces of human garbage. Unlike the sender who is human garbage. They’re like an assemblage of used tampons, used condoms, and dog shit that has somehow learned to speak.
S: The sender is so gross. So fucking gross.
D: I don’t want to think about the sender anymore.
S: Me neither. Oops! I just thought about them.
D: We gotta tell them the message! We gotta.
S: OK. One sec.
It’s impossible for them to get the message out because they’re both on the verge of puking.
— by Doug and Simon. HEY! Video eCard Party Guys Collection

+ Credits

Director: Greg Burke
Writer: Lou Perez
Doug: Kelsey J Nash
Simon: Nate Smith
Director of Photography: Paul Rondeau
Executive Producer: Martin Lenclos