He Has Two Other Girlfriends


Even though you hate to be the one to announce this terrible thing, you feel it is your responsibility as a friend to tell her.


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I hate to be the one to tell you this—I don’t like drama—but the guy you’re dating has two other girlfriends. I don’t know if they know about you, but now you know about them. This guy’s an obvious creep—or he’s part of a cult. In that case he’s not so much a creep as an individual with strong yet unpopular beliefs. That’s kinda admirable, I guess. But either way you should get out now, before he has you living on a ranch in the middle of nowhere, breast-feeding the other women’s children.
— by Bethany. HEY! Video eCard Gossipy Gal Pal Collection

+ Credits

Director: Greg Burke
Writers: Giulia Rozzi, Lou Perez
Kassia: Uma Incrocci
Director of Photography: Paul Rondeau
Executive Producer: Martin Lenclos