That New Flame For Ex-Boyfriend


How thoughtful of you: She is back together with their ex-boyfriend and you want to warn them. Perfect eCard for that!


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MICHELLE: If you’re receiving this message it’s because you just got back together with your ex-boyfriend.
JOHN: That’s a really bad idea. He never treated you right.
M: Yeah, but they had really amazing sex. I’m sure she had a hard time overlooking that.
J: He was very possessive and always told you what to do.
M: Especially in bed, which is one of the reason’s it was so great.
J: And he hated all of your friends.
M: You think about the sex, you dream about the sex, sometimes you can almost feel the sex.
J: What the hell are you talking about?
M: (to camera) She knows... let me know how it goes.
— by Michelle and John. HEY! Video eCard Couple Collection.

+ Credits

Director: Greg Burke
Writer: Greg Burke
Michelle: Lucy Walters
John: Greg Burke
Director of Photography: Paul Rondeau
Executive Producer: Martin Lenclos