Basketball: Just Lost.


Send this message if your friends' baseball team just lost because of a game winning shot.


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S: If you’ve received this message it’s because your basketball team just lost because of a game winning shot. Ouch. It was back and forth there for awhile. Looked like you guys had it too, but, well, you guys just weren’t good enough. Sorry, bro.
M: Just be happy you hung in there that long.
T: Why? They were favored to win.
M: Oh, really?
S: Yeah.
M: Oh. You guys suck then.
T: Yeah, they do.
S: Yup. Sorry again, bro.
— by Steve, Todd, Max. HEY! Video eCard Sports Fans Collection

+ Credits

Director: Greg Burke
Writer: Greg Burke
Steve: Nate Smith
Todd: Kelsey J Nash
Max: Dru Johnston
Director of Photography: Paul Rondeau
Executive Producer: Martin Lenclos