Starting a Diet


One way to get your friend's diet off to a good start


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DANNY: If you’re receiving this message it’s because you started a diet. When you lose the weight, what are you gonna do with all that extra skin hanging off your body? You gonna keep it, and every now and then let it unfurl and catch a good wind with it, and, like hang glide in the air?
DANNY (CONT’D): That’s how flying squirrels do it. They’re on the Discovery Channel.
— by Danny. HEY! Video eCard Aimless Loser Collection

+ Credits

Director: Greg Burke
Writers: Lou Perez, Laura Willcox
Danny: Dru Johnston
Director of Photography: Paul Rondeau
Editor: Jonathan Godinez
Wardrobe Stylist: Caprice Esser
Makeup Hair Stylist: Jewrel Gainey
Photographer: Sam Robles
Casting: Daryl Eisenberg
Executive Producer: Martin Lenclos