Gorgeous New Baby Wishes


HEY! video eCard collection: The Gossipy Gal Pal

Before it's too late, you should let them know that their baby will be so cute. Better prepare them!

Bundle only.

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I’m not supposed to tell you this, because it should be a surprise, but I heard from a trusted source that your baby is going to be gorgeous. But that doesn’t mean you have to plaster its photos everywhere. Looks fade with over-saturation. Even baby looks. (beat) That’s why I’ve burnt every picture that exists of me.
— by Bethany. HEY! Video eCard Gossipy Gal Pal Collection

+ Credits

Director: Greg Burke
Writers: Giulia Rozzi, Lou Perez
Kassia: Uma Incrocci
Director of Photography: Paul Rondeau
Executive Producer: Martin Lenclos