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Hi there. If you’re receiving this message it’s because you want to get a date with absolutely anyone. Very simple: it’s a common misconception that both parties must be aware at the start of the date that it is indeed a date. All you have to do is convince the other party to meet you anywhere at any time and as long as you consider it to be a date, then it’s a date. You can ease them into it as the night progresses. I recommend posting a fake want-ad. You’re the owner of a new “start-up” looking to put together a “great team.” The unemployed are great targets. Good luck!
— by Prof. Hayes. HEY! Video eCard Professor Collection

+ Credits

Director: Greg Burke
Writers: Zack Phillips, Greg Burke, Laura Willcox
Prof. Hayes: Kelsey J Nash
Director of Photography: Paul Rondeau
Executive Producer: Martin Lenclos